We see ourselves everywhere, every day… till the end !!!

Ever traveled in a public transport or walked down some lane alone? Try to remember when you were a kid and while travelling with your parents, if you saw some high-school kid going alone; you’d think – When will I be going to high-school?

When in high-school, you saw some college student and you thought – In a few years, that’ll be me, all funky dressed up, going to higher education and having fun!

When in college (and if you’re outside your home land), you go to some shopping/eating place with friends and see some salaried person spending the hell out of his/her pocket; you think – In some years, that’s me doing that!

When working (staying away from parents), on your commute to office (or any business travel), you see:

an infant crying in his/her parent’s lap – These are the best days; I was there…

a small kid going to school – That was me, just few days back; setting foot for the first time in school…

dressed up college students, laughing their heart out – Oh, those were the days…

an old couple, supporting each other – that’s where it’s going to end………

All along, we kept/keep seeing ourselves thru someone else, but don’t realize the same. Life is too short to keep wishing for things.

Do It !!!


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