Human & Food!

Anything good that satisfies human (an individual), is food. Rest are just junk 🙂


The word Food, has a deeper meaning than what’s just found in the restaurants!

In a sentence, food is something that’s made out of raw materials, cooked properly. But it may not necessarily be always satisfying.

So what do you do with the food?

The first thought that comes in your mind must be -“consume it”. But is that the only thing you do?


First: You see it.

Second: You smell it.

Third: You touch it.

Fourth: You taste it.

Fifth: You chew it.

Sixth: You consume it.                 It doesn’t end here…

Seventh: You digest it 🙂


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Now, think which parts of your body were used in the entire process… Everything! This was about the food, that goes to only one part of our body; the Stomach.

What are the rest?

  • Thoughts, that are food to our brain.
  • Moisturizer, that is food to our skin.
  • Emotions, that are food to our heart.
  • Environment (natural and artificial), that is food to our sense organs.
  • Apparel and accessories, that are food to our entire body.

There are more, of course!

Why do we need food?

To live every moment of our mortality. But again, every food is not good for us… That’s why we have – Junk

This was just food for human. We have other living beings & things as well, that have their separate set of food needs.

Food for thought?

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