Happy Solo-ship!

“To wander is to be alive.”
Roman Payne, Europa: Limited Time Edition

The idea of traveling solo, goes way deep into an individual’s personality. For me, it’s in the search of freedom and peace!

Solo trips have taught me a lot of things, the major one being self realization. When I’d first moved out of my house for college, I treated myself as a free bird 🙂 Unaware of the real world or it’s actors, that I was kept away from so long. Thus, I learned the concepts of “betrayal”, “hypocrite” and “true love”.

This adventure started in my life from 2008, when I’d traveled alone for the first time, to Mandarmani. I still recall the fear as well as happiness I’d experienced during that journey and stay. Having no job at that time, my only option was saving from the monthly cash I was sent from home. With that, I could afford just-enough food for 2 days.

My next few travels began from 2013, starting with me setting foot in the States. Even though I’d not call this (these) as leisure travel(s), I did explore a lot of places and things on my own. Post this, I explored Bangalore (where I was staying since 2010), on foot and bus. Next, I explored Puducherry, Hyderabad and Varkala.

All of these travels have shown me different things every time –

  • How well one can stay with minimum spend on accommodation and food.
  • How to meet new people and actually talk to them with a free mind and heart.
  • Serenity is best achieved with no thoughts in mind.
  • Ways of fighting your worst of fears and realizing they never were or can be true.
  • When various difficulties arrive out of nowhere, how help approaches, also out of nowhere.
  • You automatically obliterate every bug from your regular life.
  • Learn how to read various people; their expressions, emotions and moods, with focused observation.
    • Believe it or not, it helped & still helps me know the different kinds 🙂
  • It’s easier to complete your to-do list with no set planning needed.
  • It’s not so difficult for a female to travel unaccompanied or independent.
  • How much some things or people back home mean and matter for you.
  • When you see some old couple having fun on their vacation, if you feel the view, you realize a lot about life.
  • The biggest thing is…. you are not the only solo one there.

“…if we’re all alone, then we’re all together in that too.”

– P.S. I Love You (2007)

So far I’ve taken very few solitary vacations, but I’m hungry to see more and I’m sure I will!


Having been to the mountains, snow, forest, desert and plain beautiful architectures, I evidently discovered that I love the sea THE MOST! It helps me soothe my soul!!!



One thought on “Happy Solo-ship!

  1. I loved this, espcially when I am about to make my first solo journey to Wales this week. Its actually quite motivating to travel solo, doing things that we are otherwise restricted to do with friends or family. I hope you have lot many trips in the future and enjoy each one of them . 🙂


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